Intelligent 9 Write Protection Series

1 to 19 USB Duplicator and Sanitizer (UB920C)

  • Standalone duplication mass produces CD-ROM partition USB sticks without a PC or software.
  • Additional USB features, read only, write protected, anti-format and auto play.
  • High productivity supports mass production of CD-ROM USB's up to 119 pcs per lot.
  • Impeccable copy speed of up to 2GB per min for each port  and up to 120 ports.ports.
  • High Compatibility: Support Quick-Copy with Linux  (ext2/3/4), NTFS, FAT16/32/64.
  • Supports log report for better production  management.
  • Supports durability test.
  • Specific USB’s are required.

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Product Description

The most cutting edge in duplication technology, our USB Write Protect duplicator is professional, standalone and efficient. It can duplicate a full range of USB drives starting from 9 and up to 119 targets. Speed and flexibility are key factors in satisfying customer needs. Its effortless use means a PC or other software are not required; The USB Write Protect duplicator provides a reliable, worry-free copy environment for users, without the risk virus corruption. It also boasts quick format capabilities. These features greatly help increase efficiency and production productivity.

The Intelligent 9 USB drive duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and distribution via USB flash drives. It contains smart, reliable and beneficial functions that provide an outstanding performance and quality that will save you time and money.

What is CD-ROM Read only USB?

● Plug and Copy! 
   Skip complicated settings & operations.

 High-Volume Duplication! 
   Supports 119 CD-ROM USB drive duplication simultaneously.

No PC required! 
   Mass production by a standalone system avoids virus infection.

One Step Solution Creating CD-ROM USB


Company Promotion Gift
USB with company marketing info, not only practical, but also yields advertising results.

Software Sales Business
Equipped with software autorun and guiding features.

Electronic Content Publisher
Content cannot be deleted.

Impeccable High Speed

U-Reach's duplicator can copy up to 2GB/min on all devices, simultaneously and without any speed degradation as number of targets increase.

2 kind of Copy Modes

※ Quick Copy: Only copies data formatted in NTFS, Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) and FAT 16/32/64.

Whole Media Copy: Copies all data format during bit-for-bit duplication.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Easy Maintenance

With a specially redesigned and improved structure, users can easily change the sockets in 3 simple steps, which takes roughly 1 minute.

Powerful H5 Flash Quality Checking Tool

Media check H5 is an inspection tool that can process large volume quantity quality testing with the highest efficiency.

H5 offers:

  1. Highest efficiency:checks the bulk quantity all at the same time.
  2. Shows quality testing results 

    Bad:Bad sector quantity 
    W:Writing speed is 
    R:Reading speed is 14.4MB/s
    ​​​​​​​Red Light indicates that the Flash didn't meet the selected standard.

  3. Self-setting standard ​​​​​​​

  • ​​​​​​​Sets a limitation on the bad sector quantity

  • Sets the minimum reading speed

  • Sets the minimum writing speed

Flash speed and capacity filtration

Real-time PC monitoring

  • Monitor and control the real-time status via PC.
  • Real-time monitoring

Operating Log report

  • Shows machine information
  • Shows detailed information of the Flash devices (VID/PID/SN)
  • Shows detailed operation records of each port
  • Shows the results of each operation

Other Features

  • New advanced Multi-Core processor.
  • Completely standalone Flash duplicator, no computer required.
  • Strict bit-for-bit comparison further increases the reliability of duplication.
  • User friendly interface with real time information LCD display.
  • Firmware upgrade is available.














2GB/min.  *Actual performance is dependent on media transfer speeds.



Embedded controller is designed to support capacities over 18TB+.

Constant improvement supports latest market-available devices.

Operating Type

All (Windows, Linux, Other stand-alone systems)

Stand alone operation

Language Support

English, Japanese


Monochrome LCD Display

Status LED

LED(Red/Green) on each slot

Control Button

4 push buttons(▲, ▼, OK, ESC)


Copy Function

Quick Copy (Systems & Files Copy)/Whole Media

Compare Function

Bit by Bit data comparison

Diagnostic Function

Speed Test; Capacity Test; A2 Fake Card Test

H3 Test: Read only testing

H5 Test: Read & Write testing

H6 Test: Read & Write testing without data area

Erase Function

Quick Erase; Full Erase; DoD Erase

Format Function

FAT16/32 Format

Special Features

Use Port 2 as Compare Source

To prevent copy fail caused by worn source

Log Manager

Records all task details and can general report in .txt and .csv format.


Real-time PC Monitoring

Burn-in Test

Ranges from 30 mins to 30 days


Flash Devices Compatible

USB 2.0/ USB 1.1/ USB Flash/ USB 3.0/ USB HDD

USB Write Protection

Specified USB Required.

Format Supported

Quick Copy: FAT16/32/64, NTFS, Linux(Ext2/Ext3/Ext4), MAC(HFS, HFSX, HFS+)

Whole Media Copy: All Formats

File System Supported

All (Windows, Linux, Other stand-alone systems)

Hardware Specifications

Power Supply

12V Adapter

Working Temperature

5°C ~ 45°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C ~85°C

Working Humidity

20% ~ 80%

Storage Humidity

5% ~ 95%


From 24.1x19.5x11.5 to 45x30x29.5


From 1.9 to 19