Firmware Information
All of U-Reach's products undergo strict quality control before announcing on the market. It is, however necessary to keep improving product compatibilities due to new media or device releases. Therefore, firmware updates will be released, periodically. (PC link software needs to use V1.12.0 for supporting windows 8 and up.)

Important Notice

Firmware updates are designed specifically for specific hardware. They are only to be utilized when experiencing problems. These updates will take up-to 15 minutes to complete. Do not interrupt power supply and update process! Your system will be “bricked,” voiding all warranties. U-Reach is not responsible for data loss and monetary loss. When the update completes, you will see the message, “TURN OFF, Wait 5 Seconds, TURN ON.”

Latest BIOS Firmware

How to update FW

Step 1
Check your product

Check your product model name,model number and system number.

Step 2
Contact U-Reach for Proper FW

Select the product catalog and download the firmware which matches to your U-Reach product.

Step 3
Unzip BIOS

Unzip the file and save the BIOS(*.bin) on the root directory of the update media.

Step 4
Update BIOS

Insert the Flash media to Flash duplicator and select menu and go to[Utility]>>[Update System]

Step 5

After update,reboot the system after 5 second.

How to check System Number?

Step 1 >
For Flash duplicator, check menu and go to “ Information” >> ”System Info.”

For Disc/HDD duplicator, check menu and go to “Utility” >> ”System Info.”


Step 2 >
You will see the following.

Step 3
Press ▼, you will see more information and System Number.