Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Duplicator with Write Block – FR100TH

♦ Connect PC via USB 3.0 interface with 6.6GB/min high speed.
♦ Stand-alone, FPGA-based operation (Non PC-based).
♦ Portable light weight design.


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FR100 Forensic series offers hard disk write-protection. By connecting the hard drive through the FR series to a PC, the HDD can only be read not overwritten. It effectively protects stored data against any modification during use. As an engineer, it will protect your client’s HDD data. With judicial officer it can ensure the validity and integrity.


Connect PC via USB 3.0 interface with 6.6GB/min high speed.

โหมดถ่ายเอกสาร 4 แบบ

⇒ Quick copy: Copy data and system only. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux.
⇒ Whole HDD: Bit-for-bit copy whole HDD.
⇒ All Partitions: Copy all defined partitions and skip HPA or unknown partitions.
⇒ Percentage: User can set percentage of capacity to be copied.



Quicky Erase, Full Erase ลบข้อมูลทั้งหมด, ลบ DoD และลบความปลอดภัย
⇒ การลบ DoD Erase เป็นไปตามข้อกำหนดของกระทรวงกลาโหม สหรัฐอเมริกา 5220.22M ลบมาตรฐาน จะเขียนทับ HDD 3 ครั้งเพื่อให้แน่ใจว่าข้อมูลจะไม่สามารถกู้คืนได้
Secure Erase




FR100 Accrssories


Anti shock Pads*2 / Adaptors*1 / Duplicator*1 / SATA Cable*2 / Power Cord*1


Model FR100TH
General PC-Link Interface USB3.0
PC-Link Speed 15GB/min
Copy Speed 7.2GB/min *(Real performance would depend on HDD’s speed)
Copy Format All Partitions/ Whole HDD Copy: All Formats
Quick Copy: FAT16/32/64, NTFS, Linux (Ext2/3/4), HFS/HFS+/HFX
Operating Type Stand-alone operation
Display 2×16 backlight monochrome LCD Display
Status LED Individual LED indicator on each slot:
Yellow(power), Green(pass), Red(fail)
Control Button 4 push buttons (▲, ▼, OK, ESC)
Function Write Blocked Source port read-only supported
Copy Function Quick Copy, All Partitions Copy, Whole HDD Copy, Percentage Copy
Bad-Sector Skip bad sector copy by self-setting tolerance.
Compare Function Bit-by-bit data comparison
Erase Function Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase, Secure Erase
Compatibility OS Supported All (Windows, Linux, RAID, Other stand-alone systems)
HDD/SSD Compatible 1.8″/2.5″/3.5” SATA HDD and SSD
SATA interface HDD/SSD
Capacity 15TB


Dimension (cm) 9×11.5×2.7
Weight (g) 400
Power Supply Input: Adjustable Voltage 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 12V
Temperature Range Working Temperature: 5°C ~ 45°C ; Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C
Humidity Range Working Humidity: 20% ~ 80% ; Storage Humidity: 5% ~ 95%
Safety & Regulations FCC, CE, RoHS

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