Added-Value Duplicator

The UREACH Daisy-Chain uses “Asynchronous” technology which makes it possible of nonstop duplication. When copy start, the data will be loaded to each duplication tower’s HDD, then each duplication tower in the daisy chain will start working simultaneously. They will follow the first tower’s instruction to start or to end the copying, however, the daisy chain duplication will not be affected by any interruption such as linkage broken, or power off, each tower can work independently to continue copying even without daisy chain linkage during the copying. Furthermore, when finished, each tower can continue the same source duplication by itself, no need to wait for other towers job finishing.

Video DVD Protection Duplicator - BePRO

The most important feature that BePro duplicator can provide is to protect the video data against piracy. The technology embeds two copy mode:”PC enable” and “PC disable” to determine the intensity of protection. You can execute PC enable mode for playback on both of PC and DVD player, while PC disable mode for only play on DVD player to prevent PC playback and also PC copy.
BePro series enables you to create protected DVD video discs by a few steps of operation, no PC, special discs or proprietary software required. You just need to purchase any DVD-R regardless of brands, then you can easily make a copy-protection disc.