6 Advantages from Event Log Report to Improve Your Duplication Management

Event Log Report is an important asset Management tool to assist users in monitoring and recording the whole duplication control process. Our innovation efforts to help bring this advanced Event Log feature into all U-Reach HDD Duplicators, USB Duplicators and SD/CF Duplicators are a dynamic way for users to manage duplication tasks efficiently. The Event Log report records all details of each duplication task. For example, working time, run function, model number, serial number of media and results…etc. The feature has won acceptance globally and the following are the 6 most popular advantages compiled from our users’ feedback.

Directly Export Log Report via USB Port

Able to record 300,000 operations (around a year) without connecting PC, which saves a lot of time from typing a log report manually.

Source Protection Management

Detailed record of how many times source was copied (to prevent unauthorized copy)

No hand-writing Flash S/N

Hand writing wastes time with mistakes easily made, even typing into a PC has greater chance of error. Log Report handles everything together at one time.

Responsibility Clarification

Production line and QC are able to track errors from log report when receiving an RMA, and determine: 1. whether or not client used un-related Flash or defective product. 2. data was not copied successfully 3. other man-made errors.

Quickly find out Flash with the same S/N.

Viewing log report via Microsoft Excel, same S/N will be sorted out instantly. No need to look at S/N one by one.

Database Management No confusion caused while daisy-chained multiple duplicators

Complete HDD duplicator log report

Complete USB drives/memory cards duplicator log report

Flash Duplicator with Event Log Report

Intelligent 9 Series Factory Expert USB Drive Duplicator

Intelligent 9 Series SD & Micro SD Memory Card Duplicator

Intelligent 9 Series Factory Expert Compact Flash (CF) Duplicator

Hard Disk Drive Duplicator with Event Log Report

CT Series HDD/SSD Duplicator

IT Series HDD/SSD Duplicator

MT Series HDD/SSD Duplicator