U-Reach Duplicators Support PCIe BGA SSD

18 Oct 2017

As storage media advancing at a rapid rate, from traditional HDD to modern PCIe SSD. The product dimension is shrinking while capacity is increasing, and transmitting speed is constantly develop to be faster. Therefore PCIe SSD is consider to be the trend for future of storage media, as it could be use in high-end laptop, server module, E-sport, virtual reality (VR), and connected car system. PCIe SSD not only drastically increased transfer speed, there is manufacturer who produce a coin size BGA NVMe SSD. As a result, machine that use BGA SSD will dramatically reduce dimension and weight, while speed is couple times faster than current storage media.

U-Reach Introduce PCIe duplicator as standalone design. Utilize unique FPGA chip control technology, which boast high speed, stability, multi-port, thus result in most cohesive product line. Additionally, It support BGA SSD high speed duplication, which provide user option to change the format and change high speed mass duplication.