Daisy-Chain Technology Elevate the MTC Series to Whole New Level

13 Oct 2017

MTC Series Combine with Daisy-Chain Technology brings Versatility and Scalability

Daisy-Chain technology is a crucial advantage of MTC Series over the competition, as it allows the number of connections increase for the machine. Therefore, it will be more efficient and flexible, overall makes the operation experience for the user much more pleasant. The connecting medium used for Daisy-Chain is an external mini-SAS (SFF-8088) cable to maximize data throughput. Most importantly, combining the high-speed duplication capability of the MTC Series, and the scalability of Daisy-Chain this powerful combo results in an outstanding product. For instance, if a company possesses multiple MTC Series and need to increase the production capability, then Daisy-Chain is a great flexible solution to meet their needs. As number of the connections increase, which result in drastically more efficient duplication process. Alternatively, if user have multiple project on hands, then they have the option to separate the machine for different objective.

MTC Series utilize Variety of Adapters to Cope with Different Operations

Another highlight of MTC Series is its versatility to handle different interfaces, which utilize a wide range of adapters. For example, it supports MicroSATA, M.2, and CFAST with adapters. Hence, user who wish to duplicate different interface with MTC Series have the choice to use adapter to cope with different needs. U-Reach is dedicated to offer its customer quality, value, and most importantly versatility with this product.