The First High Performance PCIe Duplicator

High speed professional PCIe SSD duplication equipment

20 Jan 2017

Currently, the PC is the most common mode of duplicating PCIe SSD contents. U-Reach is the first to use an FPGA based standalone PCIe duplicator where all ports are simultaneously operational without any reduction in speed. Unique features:
1. Copies 20 PCIe SSDs simultaneously, with a maximum speed 18GB per minuteper port.
2. Supports dual signal ─ SATA or PCIe.
3. Supports multiple interfaces ─ M.2/U.2/SATA.
4. Modular design, direct signal transmission via the port without an adaptor.
5. Hot swap operational, thus, eliminating the need to restart the system each time.
6. Standalone operation.
7. Log reports can be transferred to a pen drive via a usb port.