The smallest 2 port SAS Eraser. Simply Erase Your Data!!

29 june 2016

U-Reach has just announced the smallest 2 port SAS Eraser on the market. It is the only FPGA-based machine that could be so small yet powerful. You would never believe that it is this easy to erase your SAS data safely. Select the erase mode you prefer, and press OK. The data will then be erased automatically. Special tools, downloadable software, or payment for a license are not needed. If you need a print-proof, just directly link to the printer. U-Reach SA250 will automatically print it out after the erase task is completed. Try it now! You'll be amazed at how clever it is!!


1. Support Asynchronous Erase :
Fast Key design makes your operation simple.
2. 5 Sanitization Modes :
Make sure all the data has been cleaned safely.
3. Log report and real-time print proof :
Easy to obtain reliable audit evidence.