Intelligence Simplified

Intelligent 9 Series

24 May 2016

Back in 2012 was when the Intelligent 9 series for USB, SD/microSD and CF/CFast was first introduced. Today the Intelligent 9 series is still one of a kind standalone, FPGA based system. The Intelligent 9 series offers a variety of features compared to competitors it has double source comparison, replaceable sockets, burn-in test, log report, and customizable number of ports. Compared to other duplicators on the market the Intelligent 9 series is different from its style, price, and features. Many duplicators have a tower-like design; the Intelligent 9 is light weight and designed to fit in any area of an office or manufacturer warehouse. One of the greatest features is the double source comparison which ensures 100% accuracy when copying because it lets you use an additional port besides the source port to copy. An advantage over other duplicators is the structure and design of each port. This allows quick replacement of USB, SD/microSD, and CF/CFast sockets and it reduces down time aiming for long-term ownership. The burin-test allows users to set a time frame for each flash to undergo stress conditions; ensuring that weak flash’s will be identified. The log report function creates a track record of all passed and failed flash’s while providing detailed information on each device. The Intelligent 9 series offers choose 8 to 120 port systems. This series has many beneficial features compared to other duplicators on the market.