Difference between USB and SD/microSD Write Protection

16 May 2016

The newest technique for marketing and the distributing of important information is by using a USB drive or a SD/microSD memory card. In a recent newsletter U-Reach introduced write protect options for both USB and SD/microSD media storage devices. For further detail the write protect feature differs from USB to SD/microSD devices.
When the write protection option is used on a USB flash drive; the space that was not occupied can still be used. For example, companies can give out USB drives and the information that has been placed on it with write protection cannot be deleted but the space that was unutilized can then still be used for storage. A consultant company purchased the Intelligent 9 USB Write Protect Series for marketing purposes. As a promotional giveaway they handed out USB drives with write protected material so that it can be viewed and not deleted; then the space free of information can be used for other purposes. The difference between the feature of write protect on a USB drive and SD/microSD memory card is that when a SD/microSD card is write protected the empty space that was left unutilized cannot be used.
Recently, a customer of U-Reach purchased the Intelligent 9 Combo SD/MicroSD Golden Series Duplicator purposely for the write protection feature. The customer happened to be a church organization. This organization uses microSD memory cards to distribute copies of virtual bibles. With the write protection feature this ensures that the information placed on the microSD memory cards cannot be deleted. Therefore, those who were given the microSD cards will only be given the read-only option and will only be able to use for that purpose.

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