22 Apr 2016

HGST, a Western Digital company, announced its first helium-filled hard disk drive back in September 2012. The helium-filled hard disk drive designed to increase disk density and to reduce the consumption of power. Now helium-filled hard disk drives are widely seen in the market. The rate of data is constantly growing and improvements in technology allows companies to keep up with the storing of data. The latest hard disk drive that has been launched is the 10 terabyte hard disk drive (10TB HDD). The 10TB HDD will be used by data centers and corporations that require more space for data, energy-costs reduction, and a smaller footprint. With such a large amount of data, it takes longer to duplicate and erase a 10TB HDD. U-Reach can help reduce downtime because our FPGA-based, embedded hard drive duplicators can copy and erase up to 18GB per minute. This excites us here at U-Reach because of close relations with hard drive manufacturers our duplicators can support 10TB HDD. As well as our innovation to keep up with technological advancements, we can provide solutions for the duplicating and erasing of high capacity hard disk drives.

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