U-Reach offers the best solution to the world of digital cinema.

14 Apr 2016

Ever wondered how each theater gets movie trailers and advertisements so quickly? The answer is simple it is called duplication. For years now the digital cinema industry has been using duplicators to rapidly spread their videos to different locations. Digital cinema is a worldwide industry that uses devices like USB hard drives and USB flash drives to send advertisements, trailers, and clips.
U-Reach has experience providing solutions to the world of digital cinema. Our Intelligent 9 Series USB duplicators are used to quickly and securely copy material that is then sent to theaters or other places that have video entertainment. We offer three different USB duplicators in our Intelligent 9 Series the Silver, Golden, and High-Speed. Each duplicator supports all brands of USB. They come equipped with beneficial features that will ensure accurate duplication and sanitization. Our duplicators are reliable and one of the best solutions on the market.

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