SAS HDD to PC Data Acquisition Solutions

18 Dec 2015

Many technicians encounter issues of transferring and reading data from a SAS HDD to a PC, because there are no convenient SAS converting adapters on the current market. We offer solutions in 3 easy steps:

Main Advantages: • The source port of the SA200 is a read-only port. Therefore any connected SAS HDD will not be overwritten with any time-stamping, miscellaneous data, etc. • The SA200 supports up to 18GB/min. copy speeds, including master partition/data analysis within the same process. This copy speed is the fastest on the market. • Real Test Results: Duplicating 250GB of data in a 1 TB SAS HDD to a SATA HDD, will take 20 minutes. (Test with 200MB/sec SAS HDD, 220MB/sec SATA HDD) • Supports both SAS and SATA interfaces without requiring additional adapters.