U-Reach New Product Line-Up SAS Duplicator/Erasure System

25 Nov 2015

Corporations of many, has decidedly move towards full utilization of SAS device in their server infrastructures. Replacements of the SCSI hard drives were inevitable due to cross-talk from the parallel cables. This resulted in reduced cable length, data transfer speeds, and chain limitations to a maximum of 15 devices. On the other hand, the evolved SAS technology permitted devices to be used in conjunctions with expanders, which connects to over 16,000+ devices. Its compatible migration to SATA interface offered sustainability. U-Reach understands that corporations need to upgrade or replace older SAS devices with new ones. Foremost, our SAS duplicator achieves cloning speeds up to 18GB/min. Therefore, duplicating a 1 terabyte SAS device will consume approximately 1 hour. It is a stand-alone, non- PC based system that instills: efficiency, reliability, and practicality. Once the SAS devices has completed their duplication process, erasing existing data on the older devices must be implemented. Featured with our equipment, erasing standard integrations are in compliance with DoD 5220.22-M, DoD 5220.22-M ECE, and NIST 800-88. These standards are in assurance of confidential data, unrecoverable. The U-Reach SAS duplicator and erasure system has beneficially integrated both SAS and SATA only utilizing a single connector, effectively broadens compatibility. eSATA, mSATA, and M.2 (NGFF) are supported interfaces through adapter availability from U-Reach. Please contact us for a better, provided solutions for you. Thank you.

Main Advantages: • The source port of the SA200 is a read-only port. Therefore any connected SAS HDD will not be overwritten with any time-stamping, miscellaneous data, etc. • The SA200 supports up to 18GB/min. copy speeds, including master partition/data analysis within the same process. This copy speed is the fastest on the market. • Real Test Results: Duplicating 250GB of data in a 1 TB SAS HDD to a SATA HDD, will take 20 minutes. (Test with 200MB/sec SAS HDD, 220MB/sec SATA HDD) • Supports both SAS and SATA interfaces without requiring additional adapters.