16 Apr 2015

eMMC Drives The Future Tech

Due to the emergence of eMMC (Embedded Multi Media Card), the technology of mobile devices has been moving forward at a fast rate since 2010. eMMC memory is designed just like smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, or any mobile device that strives to be "Small, Thin, Light & Slim". Fortunately, with the new eMMC duplicator, there is no specialized equipment required for data duplication.

Innovation & Cost Effective

eMMC is the combination of a controller and a NAND flash. For device manufacturers, it helps to reduce design, development & testing time once they fit the eMMC memory in. It also decreases the amount of time that takes to arrive in the marketplace. Moreover, eMMC memory can be easily integrated into various systems, contribute to product innovation and help keep costs low.

Easy Operation & High Speed Duplication

U-Reach, the data equipment experts, provides a whole new eMMC duplicator in 2015. The U-Reach eMMC duplicator is revolutionary compared to the old IC programmers. It is compatible with eMMC ver. eMMC 4.3/4.4/4.41/4.5/5.0 or up and eMCP module. Furthermore, it does not require a PC to complete data duplication, and supports 6.2GB/m quick copy for Windows (FAT16/32/64,NTFS) & Linux(Ext2/Ext3/Ext4) OS. And the capability for Boot Partition, RPMB Partition, Enhanced Partition, User Data Area, Register Parameter Data, and GP0/1/2/3 Partition copy makes it a unique assistant for all eMMC users.

The Most Valuable eMMC Duplicator

The "LOG Record" function was especially designed in the U-Reach eMMC duplicator in consideration of industrial application. With this log record, mobile device manufacturers can conduct production analysis and human error control. In addition, quick interface replacement tools ensure efficient eMMC duplication, and a variety of eMMCs can be utilized with socket changes also.

While the eMMC is already the main form of memory in the mobile world, the U-Reach eMMC duplicator is the best choice. For further understanding, please visit