The Way to Zero-defect OTG USB Drive - The World’s First ever OTG Micro USB Flash Drive Duplicator

25 Nov 2014

In accordance, with the latest trend in Smart-phone, tablets and computers U-Reach Inc., the data equipment expert, announces the first & proactive OTG Micro USB Duplicator in 2014.

OTG USB Integrates Your Mobile World

Android, the most widely used open system platform for tablets and smart phones. In recent years, more than 70% mobile devices are activated with it. Since most of these devices are built-in with Micro USB interface to transfer or store data. A new designed storage media features Micro USB (OTG) support in Flash drive; this will play an important role in next mobile world.

Dual Interface Design Creates Flexibility

To enhance a user’s experience, U-Reach allows two USB interfaces on this unique Micro USB (OTG) duplicator. In an instant, a quick and easy swap socket module, users can turn the duplicator to become either a “USB duplicator” or “OTG USB” to a custom to different usage requirements. The flexibility transformation can help you save time and money.

Precise Duplication & Inspection Technologies

In addition, with high speed duplication & multiprocessing, U-Reach Micro USB (OTG) duplicator also brings leading flash inspection technologies; “Capacity test”, “Read/write speed detection” and “Bad-sector search” are three essential and useful functions for flash trading, “Event Log Report”,”Burn-in test”, ”Format” and “Erase” are also a specialized capabilities to help guarantee a workable Micro USB OTG drive by the flash manufacturer. All of these great features mentioned are included in U-Reach Micro USB (OTG) duplicator.

U-Reach provides a wide range of Micro USB (OTG) duplicator from 1 to 9, 1 to 19 till 1 to 119 to meet all users’ needs. Note: Not all smart-phone or tablets can supports USB (OTG) drives, please contact the vendor for additional information if USB OTG is supported.