U-Reach’s disc duplicator offers the most stable and reliable BDXL duplication systems to date with unbeatable quality.

27 Oct 2014

Being aware of market trends, the number of disc consumption has dramatically declined per year. On the contrary, we have found the demand of BDXL copy is continually growing business. BDXL which can store data or information up to 100GB or even 128GB on a single disc, making them ideal for large capacity contents. Since BDXL disc is very expensive and with large storage capacity, it is very important to choose a reliable duplicator to ensure good quality and efficient duplication. So versatile and flexible is why customers trust U-Reach disc duplicator to copy BDXL. U-Reach, a global leader in duplicator is also the most trusted and recommended brand of duplicators. We are offering the most stable duplication system based on our unique core technology in both hardware and software. All of U-Reach’s disc duplicator product line supports BD-XL copy disc duplication.