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About U-Reach

Established in 2002, U-Reach focuses on the design and production of stable, high-speed data processing equipment. U-Reach developed the unique "Daisy Chain" technology, which can achieve high-speed, synchronous duplication with several targets and without speed degradation. In 2008, U-Reach established its own brand to market globally, and in 2010, flash duplicator sales reached number one worldwide. By 2015, our HDD duplicators were receiving praise and being implemented by electronic manufacturers, government agencies, cinema industries, hard disk manufacturers and IC companies. Nowadays, U-Reach has developed over 15 popular product lines among Flash Media, HDDs and PCl-E SSDs.


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In 2019, U-Reach officially launched the USB2.0 / 3.0 signal detection and copy function, which was unanimously appreciated by users in the market. Synchronous automatic signal detection with a large amount of USB 2.0 / 3.0 flash drives can be completed in only 3 seconds, thus immensely improving work efficiency.

In addition, with the more versatile PCIe NVMe series M.2 duplicator, the original field of engineering verification and mass production have enabled more market applications. With excellent technology and efficiency, the U-Reach brand has continuously penetrated into more application fields in recent years.


The R & D team, with more than 30 years of experience, masters the key technologies of data processing software and hardware. With continuous innovation and breakthroughs, honest management and customer first principles, U-Reach continues to develop data processing equipment that meets customer needs and market trends.


U-Reach has established several branches worldwide to build global technical support centers, with a global customer after-sales service system. With enthusiasm and honesty, U-Reach immediately responds to customer needs and provides the best support and services.

Why U-Reach

Just-Right Solutions

U-Reach manufactures commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) duplication equipment and provides customized solutions to fulfill different data equipment needs. There are many available device options ranging from small targets to mass production.



  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
  • Established Thailand branch.
  • Released SATA 3.0 HDD/SSD duplicator.
  • Released 120ports UPD scratch free tester.


  • Released NVMe M.2 1-1 and 1-3 target.
  • Released Intelligent 9 series USB/UDP dual ports duplicator.


  • Released Compact Flash Card Portable Copier.
  • Compliance with USA MIL-STD 810G.


  • Released the first stand-alone PCIE duplicator capable of processing 25 PCIE SSDs.
  • Established Tokyo branch in Japan.
  • The first exclusively designed - Multiple Video Backup System VDS (source: USB / SD).


  • Researched and developed the eMMC duplicator.
  • Released a 40 port SAS HDD duplicator.


  • The HDD duplicator was adopted by China & USA major movie copy centers.
  • Stepped into movie, manufacturing, data sanitization, forensic etc.


  • Established European branch in Germany.
  • The HDD destroyer was adopted by governmental units in many countries
  • Obtained national certification for HDD Daisy-Chain patent technology.


  • Established an office in the United States. (California).
  • Invented the automatic flash testing system, a 2340 port automatic testing controller.


  • Established Shanghai branch.
  • Built a distribution network covering more than 35 countries and regions worldwide.


  • Established a branch in Beijing.
  • Gained more than 70% market share of flash duplicators, sanitizers and inspectors.


  • Researched and developed the HDD Duplicator and destroyer.


  • Established an office in Shenzhen, China and provided sales and aftercare service.
  • Invented USB / SD / CF / TF card duplicators that have 223 ports, more than any other duplicator at the time.


  • Researched and designed Flash duplicator, sanitizers and inspector.


  • Invented the first SATA DVD controller and became a major manufacturer of DVD controllers.


  • Researched and developed the DVD/CD duplicator controller. (OEM/ODM Service provided).


  • U-Reach headquarters established in Taiwan.