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Multi-Tasking Technology Brings the Largest Duplicator in the World

Extending the idea of parallel processing from a supercomputer, U-Reach’s Multi-tasking Technology empowers each controller to work independently and thus guarantees the overall performance and reliability despite unpredictable glitches from individual devices. The proprietary embedded technology is applied to all U-Reach equipment that can support a maximum of a thousand targets of flash and hard drive duplication without speed degradation.

High-density Duplicator

119 targets of USB Duplicator

39 targets of SD & MicroSD Duplicator

39 targets of CF Duplicator

25 targets of platform Hard Drive Duplicator

The unlimited Daisy-Chain technology

Designed by U-Reach. It provides flexibility and expandability as production demand grows. Therefore, when the Hard Drive duplicator is equipped with the Daisy-Chain technology, it can be used alone or in a combination with multiple devices. Leveraging its proprietary Multi-tasking technology, all copying targets are working with true independent channels so that reliability is sustained regardless of uncertainty introduced by devices being hooked up. The entire Hard Drive duplicator works together without any performance degradation.
A single Hard Drive duplicator copies at 120MB/sec, with Daisy-Chain technology it allows hundreds of Hard Drive duplicators to deliver the same performance of 120MB/sec.

Expandable Hard Drive Duplicator Products

CT Series Chain Tower Hard Drive Duplicator

Advantages from Event Log Report to Improve Your Duplication Management

Event Log Report is an important asset Management tool to assist users in monitoring and recording the whole duplication control process. Our innovative efforts have helped to bring this advanced Event Log feature into all U-Reach HDD Duplicator, USB Duplicator and SD/CF Duplicator products providing a dynamic way for users to manage duplication tasks efficiently. The Event Log report records all details of each duplication task. For example, working time, run function, model number, serial number of media and results...etc.

Flash Duplicator with Event Log Report

  • Intelligent 9 Golden Series USB Drive Duplicator
  • Intelligent 9 Golden Series Compact Flash (CF) Duplicator
  • Intelligent 9 Golden Series SD & Micro SD Memory Card Duplicator

Hard Disk Drive Duplicator with Event Log Report

  • IT Series HDD/SSD Duplicator
  • CT Series HDD/SSD Duplicator
  • MT Series HDD/SSD Duplicator
  • SAS Series HDD/SSD Duplicator

Write-protected USB Production Solution

The write protection duplicator is considered the most advanced flash duplicator on the market. It is integrated with an outstanding copy tool that can permanently write protect USB drives and memory cards. The Write protection duplicator is professional, stand-alone and efficient. It has the ability to duplicate a full range of USB drives and memory cards, starting from 7 and up to 119 targets. With the one-stop production process, you can mass produce USB sticks and SD cards with write protection to prevent your content from being deleted, modified or virus infected. This Intelligent 9 series USB duplicator is integrated with a high-speed compare function to ensure data copy has 100% accuracy along with quick format capabilities. This will help increase efficiency and redundant productivity. The Intelligent 9 Write Protect series has added some more important functions - Event Log report, durability test and double source comparison. These functions were designed from an inquiry suggested by a professional user and are used to solve critical issues from the duplication working process. The Intelligent 9 USB drive write protection duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and distribution via USB drive and memory card. It embeds smart beneficial functions and an outstanding performance, reliable quality that will save your time and money.

Flash Duplicator with Write Protection

  • Intelligent 9 Golden Series USB Drive Duplicator
  • Intelligent 9 Golden Series ComboSD & Micro SD Memory Card Duplicator
  • Intelligent 9 CD-ROM USB Drive Duplicator