Intelligent Copy Option
  • Systems and Files (Quick Copy Mode)

  • 1. The duplicator automatically copies only the data area, rather than the empty spaces within the capacity, which reduces the duration of the copy process.

    2. This copy mode supports the file formats such as Windows (FAT16/32/64/NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4), and Mac (HFS/HFS+/HFSX). If the file system format to be copied is not among the supported formats above, then system will automatically switch to "whole media copy" mode.

  • Whole Media

  • 1. The duplicator copies from the initial sector to the end, bit by bit.

    2. There is no format limitation in this mode.
    Illustration of Copy Modes

    The areas containing data are marked in blue. The areas being copied are marked in red. The actual copying time depends on the speed supported by the device for copying.
    Impeccable High Speed
    U-Reach CF duplicator can copy up to 3.9GB/min on all devices, simultaneously and without any speed degradation as the number of targets increases.
    User-Friendly Design
  • Modular Sockets

  • Interfaced sockets are subjected to wear-and-tear caused by frequent connections and disconnects. Modular sockets enable quick replacements while reducing downtime, effectively making this solution a long-term and cost-effective ownership.
  • Ergonomic & Compact Proportions

  • The refined ergonomic proportion reduces the flash duplicator by 50% to 70% compared to traditional chassis design.
    Quality Testing/Checking Functions
      U-Reach flash memory duplicator/sanitizer has built-in functions to inspect flash devices. It helps the user to identity and remove poor quality CFast cards.
    H3 Read Only Test
    Determines if the flash is readable. This test will not modify pre-existing data.
    Capacity Check
    Verifies the initial sector and the final sector of the connected flash device within 2 seconds.
    H5 Write/Read Test
    Overwrites machine-generated values to all sectors in the NAND flash and verifies them to determine quality. Once the test passes, the devices are then formatted into FAT.
    Read/Write Speed Check
    This function performs a read/write benchmark of the connected devices within 8 seconds.
    H6 Quality Test
    Resembling the H5 test, it overwrites machine generated-values only to the empty sectors without disturbing pre-existing data, partitions, and formats.
    Flash Speed and Capacity Filtration
      Sets limit on lowest reading and writing speed and picks up Flash devices that are below the setting speed.  
      Sets "target tolerance". Picks up Flash devices that have exceeded the tolerance range.  
    Real-Time Monitoring
      Monitor real-time status via PC through USB cable link.