> 6.2GB/min copy speed
> Supports user area, boot partition and RPMB
> Partition copy  
> Supports Quality and Testing Tools.
> Copy spped at 18GB/min per port.
> Copy up to 40 targets
> Production management log report.
> Impeccable high speed copy
> Powerful 7 kinds quality checking tool
> Support USB/USB-HDD/MP3
> Production management log report
> Easy maintenance
> Excellent high-speed of 8.1G/min
> Extendable linkage
> Copy up to 59 targets
> Support 3.5”, 2.5”, iVDR,eSATA,
> Production management log report
U-Reach’s Hard Drive Duplicators are now
capacity-optimized to support 6TB HDD or
With the increasing amount of data
transfer, the capacity of storage media
has reached its peak. Just recently,
HDD manufacturers ...<more>